Former Local Marketing Mediums Are Failing Before local SEO

Despite all of the fuss that eCommerce has generated, many are surprised to find that brick-and-mortar retailers still dominate purchases to the tune of about 90% of consumer spending.
That means that your business, even in today’s digital-centric economy, has an excellent chance of attracting foot traffic and generating the revenue you need to stay in business for years to come.
Just because brick-and-mortars still have the upper hand on digital though doesn’t mean that digital doesn’t have value.
As a matter of fact, a brick-and-mortar retailer who learns how to use digital marketing to their advantage can significantly improve their chances of success.

Among the most important digital marketing mediums that you can invest in is “local SEO”

Local SEO allows local customers to find your business easily on platforms like Google

Below, .

Our team breaks down 10 reasons why local SEO services can be valuable to you

Local Customers Find Businesses Online It may seem counter-intuitive, but local customers don’t find businesses by going out into their local community and perusing what’s out there.
They find businesses through the internet.
This is typically accomplished by using platforms like Google and typing queries like, “best pizza shop in my city” or going on platforms like Yelp and doing the same thing.
If you want to be a business that shows up when people are searching for places to go in your vicinity, .

Investing in local SEO services is a good idea

Local Directories Get Prioritized By Search Engines If you ran a Google search right now that typed “Best Pizza in Santa Barbra” chances are a number of the top results you’ll get will be from online directories like Yelp.
Search engines like Google prioritize Yelp and similar local directories when people conduct local-focused searches.

You improving your local SEO by getting your business listed on Yelp

Facebook, and on other local SEO platforms can be a shortcut to a high search engine ranking.
You’ll Be Ahead of the Curve Given that local SEO services give your business the power to surface high online when users are searching for services in your area, you’d think that a number of companies would be investing their time in improving their local SEO efforts.
The truth is though, .

A lot of brick-and-mortar retailers don’t even know what local SEO means

What that means for you is that if you start doing things like claiming your business on Google My Business and adding location-cues to your website to let search engines know where you’re based, you have a good chance of getting ahead of your competitors in a big way.
Former Local Marketing Mediums Are Failing Before local SEO, a brick-and-mortar business might advertise to their community by taking out an ad in the local paper.
While that strategy used to work well, today, it’s not providing a good return on investment.
Newspapers are losing readership by 10% or more every year.
It’s best that you start moving away from that failing medium and start investing in local SEO services (learn more about SEO and digital marketing service providers).
Online Reviews Weigh Heavily in Consumer Decisions A big component of local SEO is reviews.
Consumers leave reviews on platforms like Yelp, Google, and Facebook every day.
Consumers also read those reviews and use them to make decisions on what local businesses to go to.
If you’ve claimed your review pages on popular platforms and are actively managing them, you stand a much better chance of getting better reviews, ranking higher in search engines and attracting more foot traffic to your business.
Investing in Local SEO Could Put You in Google’s 4-Pack One of the most coveted prizes you can earn by improving your local SEO strategy is landing your business in Google’s “4-pack”.
What is Google’s 4-pack.
It’s the 4 local results Google places in a widget above all of its other results when people conduct local searches.
Businesses in the 4-pack get a considerable amount of attention from search traffic so being there can mean a boom for your business.
With Local SEO, You’ll Look More Credible There are a lot of businesses out there.
Many of them offer subpar products and services.

Investing in local SEO services is a great way to raise your business’ credibility

With local SEO, you’ll rank high on multiple online platforms.

Get perceived endorsements from trustworthy brands like Yelp and Google

and will ultimately give new customers the confidence to try doing business with you.
Your Web Traffic Will Go Up Substantially The goal of local SEO is usually to improve foot traffic.

While local SEO definitely achieves that end

it also will boost your web traffic.
More people passing through your website could mean your team figuring out exciting ways to make more money by investing in expanding the services offered through your website.
Local SEO is Your Ticket to Outmaneuver Big Competitors Given that Local SEO relies heavily on online reviews, investing in it could mean getting out ahead of competitors with much bigger marketing budgets.
Just think, if you’re managing your local SEO by responding to and cultivating positive online reviews, your business could end up outranking a bigger company that’s not doing the same thing.
That premiere ranking will lead to more web traffic, foot traffic, and could turn the competitive tide.
Getting Started With Local SEO is Simple and Free The best part about getting your local SEO services started is that you can do the basics on your own, for free, right now.

Got to Google My Business and claim your page

Claim your business on Yelp and start responding to your reviews.
Doing simple and free things today could mean skyrocketing your consumer base tomorrow.
Wrapping Up Reasons You Need Local SEO Services for Your Business Local SEO services can be one of the most influential and cost-effective means of marketing your business can invest in.
Our recommendation is to start working on basic local SEO wins on your own and when you’re ready, .

Bring on a professional to take your SEO efforts to the next level

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