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Fantasy basketball App.

How much does it cost for a Fantasy basketball App development like Draftkings


2nd Most popular sports in America $1 millioin

$1 million is the biggest NBA contest prize pool $ 26400

Us $26400 Dolor Market revenue of fantasy sports by 2025 Basketball App development like Draftkings.
Interested in investing in the fantasy basketball app business.
Good idea.
Why do we think so.
Let us explain it to you.

Basketball is the 3rd most popular sport in the world

The basketball fans across the world are extremely passionate about their sports and looking at ways to involve it in their daily life.
The fantasy sport s app has been in vogue for a while now.
People are fond of being connected with their favorite sports on a daily basis.
Sports fanatics love the whole idea of fantasy sports app so much for its excitement and entertainment along with the added perks it delivers such as cash prizes, sign-up bonuses, etc.
Fantasy basketball apps like draftkings have been a platform for the fans to prove their smartness in theory.
With plenty of apps to choose from, fans have the option to either play or build daily fantasy basketball app or a season-long fantasy baseball.
The attractive features of this platform make the betting process easy and effortless.
Moreover, these advanced features have proved to have enhanced the user experience giving them the best-ever fantasy gaming experience.

What is a Fantasy basketball league?

Basketball fantasy league is a popular online sport that is played by millions of fans every year.
The fantasy basketball league is a platform that allows you to create your own team, draft your lineup, play alongside your team, and watch the live highlights.
Here you become the manager of the top players in the world who battle with each other in an online fantasy basketball platform.
This platform allows the fans to create private leagues with their friends, join public leagues, view latest scores, stats, analysis, and configure rules, lineups and trades.
How to play fantasy basketball?.
Now that you have decided to start a business in this realm of fantasy sport s betting, it’s time that you understand the game well.
Like any other fantasy sport s, even basketball fantasy league is also played in the same way.

Fantasy basketball is played in either free mode or prize-enabled mode

For someone who is playing the game for the first time, the standard free game is a great option.
This would let one know the entire game format and master the ways to triumph your counterparts .
Prize-enabled game is a good option when the players want to win a part of the prize pool.

Following are the scoring types: Rotisserie (ROTO)

In this scoring system, players play against every team in their league in multiple statistical categories and at the same time.
Here, teams play against other teams for a week and their real-timee statistics is taken for a week.
Fantasy points.
In this scoring system, the points are considered as per a particular statistics and the real-life performance of the players on each team Daily basketball.
Here, the players play just contests on a daily basis and core fantasy points according to set scoring rules.
How does fantasy basketball app make money?.
Fantasy basketball app.
Has limitless opportunities to make money.
With the booming success of this platform, many other players are coming into this realm.
Let’s take a look at the revenue models of fantasy basketball app below: League entry fees.
This is the major-money making strategy of this app.

Most of the revenue comes from the entry fees of the fantasy basketball app

The users keep earning prizes that keep them motivated to take part in pro-leagues.
Brand Promotion.
In-app Purchases.
As a fantasy sports app developer, we have immense experience that will help you in creating exemplary fantasy sports solutions.
If you looking for a great fantasy sports app development, then join hands with us and kick start your journey into the realm of online basketball betting.
This field is highly profitable no matter what monetization strategy you take up, so it is widely evident that it is not going down from the market any soon.
We can provide custom solutions as well as develop a great app from scratch adhering to your requirements.
Standard features of basketball betting software.
Users Admin Home screen.
User Profile.
player info.
Join Leagues.
Create Leagues.
News and Update.
Team Management.
E-wallet Integration.
Role-based dashboards.
View Earnings.
User management.
League Management.
Cash Prize Management.
Bank transaction management.
Reward point management.

What is unique in our Basketball betting app?

We at Artoon Solutions Pvt.
Will create technologically competent, user-friendly, .

And exceptional fantasy basketball apps like Draftking

With our fantasy basketball apps, we will ensure that a smooth and convenient user experience.
We will deliver an engaging platform with an innovative and competitive environment.
Some of the exceptional attributes of our Fantasy basketball app includes:Easy and safe gaming platform.
Multi lingual support.
Dedicated dashboard.
Revenue based platform.
Real-time statistics.
Social sharing.
Anti-fraud security.
Customized solutions.
Effortless betting.
News feed.

How much does it cost to develop an online basketball betting app like NFL?

Now that you have understood all the details of developing a fantasy basketball app, it is time to know the cost involved in it.
Let us help you through it.
Team up with the top fantasy sports app development company like us and become a successful entrepreneur.
Investing in fantasy sports business and witness the best fantasy sports app that lets you stand out from your competitors.
We will develop the best-in-class fantasy sports mobile application that is compatible with all devices and latest OS versions like Android P and iOS 11 on Android and iOS platforms respectively.
The total cost of developing a Fantasy Basketball App on Android and iOS platforms with backend will be approximately USD 19000-24000.
We at Artoon Solutions.
Ltd has a pioneer team of developers, who have created many such sports application that is successfully running on Google Play or App Store.
The required team for a successful fantasy basketball app development involves: 2 iPhone App Developers.
2 Android App Developers.
1-2 UI/UX Designers.
1-2 Web (Frontend + Backend) Developers.
1 Business Analyst,1 Quality Analyst 1 Project Manager.
Listen to your ideas.
Analyze your requirement.
Mould your ideas.
Test before launching.
Why choose Artoon Solutions.
Ltd as your ultimate fantasy basketball app Development Company?.
Immense knowledgeable in the field iOS/Android portable application development.
Rich Experience in versatile sports applications and site development.
Master meeting for key improvement and highlights.
Moderate cost to make your fantasy sports application a reality.

Coding according to App Store and Google Play Guidelines

Successful Testing Strategy.
Free Deployment.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS).
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Do I still need the NoNumber Framework plugin.
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