Tricks to Fix Gmail Not working on the Google Chrome

Gmail Gmail.
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Request Instant Help Gmail is one of the leading communication platforms across industries that serve major emailing requirements of various individuals.
However, losing Gmail account access or encountering errors while in use can be a nightmare.
Let’s find out together common Gmail problems, issues, and error codes along with proper solutions.
What to do when “Gmail notification not working” issue occurs?.
There could be multiple reasons why you encounter the issue- Gmail notification not working.
Irrespective of the device you use, the common reasons are system bug or that the notifications might be disabled in your mobile app.
Another reason could be the system optimization measures that restrict Gmail from working in the background.

Here’s how you can resolve Gmail Notification not working error occurs:

1st Method: Check in-app notification settings and system settingsSteps:Launch Gmail

Tap the “hamburger” menu.
Open Settings.
Select “General Settings”.
Make sure that everything is enabled.

Open mail under your Gmail address

Ensure all the notifications are enabled.
Restart your device.
2nd Method: Check the TimeSteps:Open settings on your smart phone and choose system.
Tap on “Date & Time”.
Enable “Use network-provided time” and “Use network-provided time zone”.

3rd Method: Clear Cache and Data from GmailSteps:Open Settings

Click on “Storage”.
Clear the cache and date.
Restart the device.
How to fix if Gmail not working on iPhone?.
Instances might occur when, in spite of entering correct login credentials, you cannot log into your Gmail account on your iPhone or that the issue- Gmail not working on iPhone occurs.
You can resolve this by re-enabling the account access by going to the Gmail website on your iPhone.
Here’s what you need to do if Gmail not working on iPhone.
Launch your iPhone’s web browser (Safari).

Go to and sign in to your account

Copy and paste the link – on the browser’s address bar.
Tap on “Continue”.
Try signing in to your account again.
How to change Gmail password on iPhone?You might encounter a situation when you no longer remember your Gmail password and need to change or reset Gmail password on iPhone.
Following the below-mentioned steps will allow you to change Gmail password on iPhone:Open the Gmail app on your iPhone.
Under “Sign-in & Security”, tap on “Signing in to Google”.
Choose a password.
Now enter your new password.
Select “Change Password”.
How to recover Gmail emails?To recover Gmail emails from your computer, you need to perform these steps:Launch Gmail.
Log into your account.
On the left side panel of your screen, click on “More”.
Click on “Trash”.
Check the box next to any emails you want to move.
Click on “Move to”.
Now choose where you want to move the emails to.
‘Gmail Stopped working’ or Gmail not loading: What to do? Encountering the “Gmail stopped working” or “Gmail not loading” error could be frustrating.
Perform the following troubleshooting steps to resolve this:Open Settings and then app manager.
Go to the Gmail app.
Clear the cache.
Restart the device.
Alternatively, you can also remove and then re-add the Gmail account if the “Gmail stopped working” error doesn’t resolve.
How to retrieve your lost or forgotten Gmail password?Below-mentioned are the few methods by which you can retrieve a lost or forgotten Gmail password:Method 1: Gmail password recoverySteps:Open Gmail.
Select the “I don’t know my password” option.
Enter your Gmail login ID and click on “Continue”.
Request a Gmail forgot password verification code if you have already linked your mobile number to the account.
Enter the Gmail forgot password verification code in the requested field.
Alternatively, if you didn’t have a linked mobile number to get a Gmail forgot password verification code, you can answer security questions under “Verify your identity” section.
What are the various Gmail issues with iPhone and their fixes?Gmail issues with iPhone could be many.
Here are the list of a few common issues and their fixes:Gmail app for iPhone not working or messages aren’t syncingFix:Ensure that your device is properly connect to the internet.
If you are using a smart phone, ensure that the Airplane Mode is disabled.
Check sync settings, on your Gmail app.
Gmail not sending or receiving email / Gmail not sending email/ Gmail not receiving emailsFix:Check if your device is connected to the internet properly.
Log into your Gmail account using another email address.
Remove your Gmail account from all your devices.
Defunct iPhone 11 Pro Gmail app or Gmail app not working on iPhoneFix:Restart or do a soft reset on your iPhone.
Turn off restrictions for your iPhone’s Gmail app.
Update the Gmail app installed on your iPhone.
Resetting Gmail password on iphone using Gmail recovery questionsResetting Gmail password on iPhone requires you to perform the following steps:Open the Gmail app on your iPhone.
Tap on the “add an email address” tab.
Tap on Google.
Enter the associated Gmail account email address.
Tap Next.
Tap on Forgot password.
Answer the prompted Gmail recovery questions to reset the password.
Gmail error codes and their fixesWhat is Gmail temporary error 500 and How to Fix it? Gmail temporary error 500 or Gmail error code 500 occurs due to some server configuration problems.
Apart from that, it could also occur due to the outdated operating system or corrupted cookies and cache. Fixed: Gmail Temporary Error code 500Clear your browser’s cache data.
Wait for the issue to get resolved automatically.
Disable extension and adds of your web browser.
Disable your antivirus software.
These steps shall fix Gmail error code 500 on your device.
What is Gmail error code 404 and How to Fix it?Gmail temporary error 404 occurs when the correct server receives your request; however, the server could not find what you are looking for.
In such situation, the user receives a message notifying that Gmail error code 404 occurred.

Fixed: Gmail Temporary Error Code 404Update your device’s web browser

Clear all the caches and cookies from the browser.
Open Gmail account on other browsers and disable Gmail in your account.
Disable antivirus program and firewall.
What is Gmail temporary error code 2 and how to fix it?When the user tries to import contact from the settings tab, then at times, the users have to face Gmail temporary error code 2.
If you have also noticed a similar error, try out the steps enlisted-below:Fixed: Gmail error code 2Disable your web browser’s extension.
Access your Gmail account in a different web browser.
Uninstall unwanted programs.
Restart your device.
What it Gmail error code 1010 and How to fix it?Whenever the server your device is trying to connect to have too many requests at once, you may encounter with the Gmail error code 1010. Fixed: Gmail Error Code 2 Update the web browser on your device.
Clear the browser cache and cookies.
Log out and log in again to your Gmail account.
Perform Google’s Account Recovery process.
What is Gmail error code 502 and How to fix it?Gmail error code 502 signifies that your mail is temporarily unavailable.
Generally, the issue is automatically resolved within a few minutes.
However, even after that if you notice Gmail error 502 messages popping up on your screen, you need to follow these tips: Fixed: Gmail Temporary error code 502 Try refreshing or reloading the web page.
Close all the opened tabs or windows and start a new session.
Clear browser’s cache and cookies.
Reboot your device.
What is Gmail error code 8144 and How to fix it?Encountering a Gmail error code 8144 means that either you are using an outdated browser or that the browser’s extension is affecting your Gmail account settings.
So, in that case, you are required to follow these tricks to fix Gmail error code 8144.

Fixed: Gmail error code 8144Ensure that you are using browser supported by Gmail

Try accessing your account using another browser installed on your device.
Try the incognito browser mode.
Close any opened tabs or windows.
What is Gmail server error 007 and How to fix it?You may encounter a Gmail server error 007 or Gmail SMTP error 007, especially while sending emails.
It occurs primarily because of two reasons.
Firstly, an incorrect system file configuration and secondly, modifications in some of the settings.

Fixed: Gmail server error 007Ensure your web browser is updated with the latest version

Enable browser’s extension and restart your device.
Clear all the cookies, cache, and the prefetch files.
What is Gmail error code 6922 and how to fix it?Encountering Gmail error code 6922 restricts you to open an attachment in an email.

Fixed: Gmail error code 6922Clear the web browser’s cache and cookies

Disable antivirus and malware applications.
Update your browser to the latest version.
Disable browser extension.
How to fix Gmail sync error?.
To fix Gmail sync error, perform the following troubleshooting steps:Update your Gmail app.
Reboot your device.
Turn off aero plane/airplane mode.
Clear your storage.
Sync your Google account manually.
You can easily fix Gmail sync error by following the steps that are given above.
However, make sure you are carefully while trying to sync Google account manually.
How to fix Gmail Authentication error?Before you jump on to solutions, it is important for you to understand what Gmail Authentication error is.
It is a common error which occurs when Gmail is unable to verify/ validate your account.
As a result, you will see a pop up message saying ‘Gmail validation failed,’ and you would not be able to login or sign-in to your account.
Honestly, encountering Gmail authentication error can be irritating.
So, we would recommend you to perform these steps to resolve the issue:Open the Gmail account log in page.
Log into your account using correct credentials.
Click on the Settings tab, located on the top left of your screen.
Move to next.
Select now forwarding and POP/IMAP mail server protocols.
Click the Next button.
Select the basic settings and click on “Next”.
Enable IMAP to configure an IMAP account.
Click on “Save Changes”.
Gmail not sending or receiving emails: How do I fix it.
If you are facing challenges with Gmail not sending or receiving emails error, try following the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps:Give some time for the issue to get fixed automatically.
Check your email storage space.
Use a different internet browser.
Check the IMAP or POP settings.
Delete email filters.
Check the antivirus settings.
The above-given hacks are simple and easy-to-do.
Make sure that you have followed them to permanently fix the issue of Gmail not sending or receiving emails.
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Andy pollock August 17, 2016 at 11:02 am I was unable to recover my lost Gmail password since last few weeks.
I tried everything, but failed.
As my Gmail account was not opening at all, all my office work was stopped now.
And then, I gave a call to Gmail help phone number by availing it from Contactforhelp.
Thank God, they immediately fixed the matter.
My Gmail is working fine now.
Herry willium December 19, 2017 at 12:05 pm My gmail was not able to filter spam mails and I was so frustrated.
I called the customer support at the number given here.
And, trust me, the experts fixed my issue in just seconds.
Alex July 26.

2018 at 11:14 am My Gmail isn’t working for last 24 hrs

neither I am able to receive or send emails.
I’ve an urgent work to do with my account.
Kindly help me what to do.
Is there any reliable way to contact gmail for support.
Henery July 31, 2018 at 10:22 am My email account is blocked.
I need help for account recovery on an urgent basis.
I have tried all the possible hacks, but I am unable to resolve the issue.
Please provide ways to contact email helpline.
Gary wilson August 4, 2018 at 6:40 am Due to lot of unwanted spam mails my email inbox is full.
I deleted mails one by one.
But the problem is still there.
I don’t know Google contacts details.
How do I contact google email toll free number or customer care number.
Please help me.
emily October 22, 2019 at 6:54 am I have tried to fix my Gmail not working but could not proceed on that.
I need some troubleshooting tips to make my Gmail working again.
Emma November 26, 2019 at 7:35 am I have been getting an issue with my Gmail not sending and receiving email for the last two days.
Can anyone help me out from this.
Caroline December 23, 2019 at 10:14 am I have been encountering the issue of Gmail not working since last night.
I have tried in applying some troubleshooting methods, yet none of them works.
Can anyone suggest me how to do it.
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