Charter School Application Budget

CREATE: Pre- Charter Approval .
You’ve decided to pursue your dream of starting a charter school .
EdTec can help bring your vision to reality by sharing our expertise and collaborating with you to create a strong charter school application.
Over the years, we’ve partnered with hundreds of developers to support the m throughout this process.
Charter School Application Budget.
EdTec works closely with your founding team to project revenue and expenses that align to the specifics of your proposed school, build a sound multi-year budget in the authorizer’s required format, develop cash flow projections , and prepare a corresponding budget narrative.
We can also coach you in preparation for authorizer meetings and hearings, and attend those meetings to support the application.

Charter School Application Narrative

Once you have developed the school’s educational plan and drafted the application narrative.

EdTec can provide a review and detailed feedback on compliance with charter law

authorizer requirements, and ways to strengthen the overall narrative.
Grant Writing.
Our grant writing experts have a strong track record assisting charter school developers with the Public Charter Schools Grant Program (PCSGP) application in California, and are available to help our charter partners in all states apply to the federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) to secure those critical startup funds.
Additionally, we provide our partners with support for the required PCSGP expense tracking and financial reporting under the services offered in our Launch and Operate service categories.
Launch >.

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