• November 6, 2018

    Womanizer Revisited

    We’re revisiting the Womanizer today! Sooooort of by mistake, sort of for science. We legit thought we had one of the FANCY womanizer PLUS models, but had gotten all confused: we’d just been using the most recent CLASSIC model. You might remember our old Womanizer review from a few years ago. Our pal Alexander ALSO did a review of the Satisfier Pro Penguin. Erika didn’t enjoy her first foray with the womanizer, but this latest classic model’s been sitting on our table for a while, drawing Erika to it like a moth to a flame, until finally, she felt the urge to ‘make it work’ once again. Before I drop you shopping links, a reminder: if you’re in Portland, we’ll be doing a live signing at the Division SheBop on the 15th between 7 and 9pm. Please please please come by? It would make our day! Buy it from one of our Friends (With Benefits) USA UK EU AUS CAN Good Vibes Lovehoney Babeland PleasureChest Early To Bed has a 10% discount too! Just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!AND Lovehoney also has a discount code for 15% off!PleasureChest has a 15% discount for you to use too! Add ‘OJST’ at checkout!Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!Fun Factory have a discount for you too! 10% off with ‘OJST’ code!TwistedMonk ALSO have a code for you! add OHJOY for free USA shipping! Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! Lovehoney also gave us a 15% discount code to give you, just click here! Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! Drawn to Sex is also OUT NOW in the public world today!!! Go...
  • October 30, 2018

    Write Beside Me by Nanrie

    Gosh, I love this comic. I found Nanrie’s work a while back and just fell in love with it. I’m so excited they agreed to do a comic for us that we could showcase on the site! I hope you all like this heartfelt story as much as we do. You’re gonna wanna click on these links and say hello… But if you wanna be EXTRA, go drop them a dollar or two over on Patreon. Patreon Tumblr Twitter Our Drawn to Sex: The Basics Book is DAYS away from becoming publicly available (Nov 6th), but our Kickstarter Backers who helped us bring it into this world are starting to get their copies n-o-w. Erika and I couldn’t be prouder book-parents – this one’s a good one. Be amazing and tweet at us when you get the book? It’ll make our day! We’ll be doing a signing for the book at SHEBOP (division) Thursday November 15th 7pm-9pm 3213 SE Division, Portland OR. Please please please come say hi if you’re in town. We’ll sign you up a book, and happily point you at some fancy vibrators =D It’s gonna be fun.
  • October 23, 2018

    Breast Anatomy

    Regular readers migggght be feeling some deja vu (deja… büb?) with today’s strip, as we made one all on the practicaities of becoming familiar with your own breasts in a Breast Self Exam comic a few months back. But, as next year’s Drawn to Sex book will be all about health, we needed to get a little breast anatomy comic done in addition! It also doesn’t hurt to talk about breasts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month – seriously, drop a charity or two a dollar and get familiar with your own breasts! I, personally, didn’t really know what the inside structure looked like until we worked on this! (For the record: my first impression was that it looked a lot like the inside of a grapefruit). Tit for Tat: Some Breast Resources ► Abreast: The Basics of Boobies via Scarleteen ► Picture of the Breasts via WebMD ► Breast via Wikipedia ► Yes, Trans Women Can Breastfeed — Here’s How via Them ► Transgender Woman Breast-Feeds Baby After Hospital Induces Lactation via The New York Times ► Gynecomastia via Wikipedia ► Enlarged breasts in men (gynecomastia) via Mayo Clinic Erika and I have been pushing on our work projects amid some health troubles. But regardless, we’re getting excited for the Drawn To Sex: The Basics book release (a signing at SheBop in Portland and hopefully Seattle’s Babeland to be announced soon!). Can’t wait for this boooook, you can pick up a preorder on Amazon!
  • October 16, 2018

    Knight-Time Fantasy by Dakota

    I’m all kinds of ill at the moment! We had to miss our Germany trip and haven’t been able to do much in the way of work since. Thankfully Dakota stepped up with today’s saucy fantasy comic! This one’s a cute and pretty one and Dakota deserves your likes and follows! Instagram Tumblr Twitter We’re closing in on the release of our latest book, which is devoted purely to collecting our sex ed comics! Drawn to Sex: The Basics comes out November 6th and you can totally learn more or pre-order your copy right here, my dudes. It’s the #1 New Release on Amazon in the Health Teaching Materials category and Publisher’s Weekly calls it “…a sex-positive gulp of fresh air.”
  • Ha oh jeez. What a silly comic. I hope you enjoyed it. Did I maybe get Erika to do a review so I could write off a silly camera as a business expense? MAYBE. Don’t Judge =D The truth is, I’ve wanted one of these things for YEARS, and when I saw this new square version I had to pick it up… for reasons. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a dirty photo, and get very excited at the idea of a PHYSICAL instant photo. Its got a salacious and real quality to it that just can’t be replicated with a filter. Now if you want to join me in my pervertedness… Heres a buy button for this daft camera over at Amazon (you’ll be shocked to know that sex toy stores don’t seem to stock it!) Amazon Do YOU fancy taking photos for/with a special someone? There are a few things you should consider before immortalizing that horny moment, and a while back, we made a comic ALL about it – How to Selfie like a Boss. It has some good rule of thumbs in there that I would encourage you to check out, and put to practice when pointing ANY camera at your-naked-self or others. Also, want some pointers? Dany Wilde helped us make a comic on making great Homemade porn here, it talks a bit about the ever important lighting! On a separate note, Erika and I are currently doing a lighting fast week-long business trip to Germany, Bremen the rest of this week. I’m not sure if we’ll be doing any public events or anything like that. But there’s a chance we might do an impromptu come-get-coffee-with-us moment or something: If that happens best way to stay in the loop is thru twitter! We’re...
  • October 2, 2018

    Collaring by Salkitten

    Today we’re honored to be sharing a sweet, not-safe-for-work smutty comic all about Collaring by the wonderful Salkitten. Salkitten went to TOWN on this one, It’s so many levels of sexy. We hope you like it as much as we do! I’m gonna drop some store links, just in case this has gotten you all riled up to try putting collars on your friends and partners. But before I do, here are Salkitten‘s links. Go over there and tell them how amazing they are, and if you’re of the furry-inclined, pick up a commish or two when they open up ;D Fingers crossed it’ll entice them to come back and make another comic or two! Salkitten FurAffinity Twitter Collar your Friends (With Benefits) USA UK EU AUS CAN Early to Bed Good Vibes SheBop Lovehoney Babeland PleasureChest Stockroom Early To Bed has a 10% discount too! Just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!AND Lovehoney also has a discount code for 15% off!PleasureChest has a 15% discount for you to use too! Add ‘OJST’ at checkout!Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout! And, finally while we much prefer and encourage you to buy from a small business, here’s an Amazon link! Amazon Pleasure Garden Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you! Lovehoney also gave us a 15% discount code to give you, just click here! Come As You Are Lovehoney also gave us a 10% discount code to give you!
  • September 25, 2018

    Syren’s Sweetheart Latex Dress

    NOW is a GOOD time to sign up to Erika’s Patreon: We made a NSFW video of her putting on said, Latex Dress! This thing is amazing, we’re SO thankful to Stockroom and Syren Latex for giving us the opportunity to try out such a fancy dress. We absolutely loved it, and are now trying to think up new and different places to try it on and show it off. We both loved this particular cut: its beginner friendly and super cute. But Stockroom and Syren have a HUGE list of different cuts and options available, check it all out if your keen, and make sure to buy some Pjur silicone lube or conditioner at the same time! Buy it from Stockroom! Stockroom Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout! Wanna see how Erika looks in the dress? Check it out on Erikas Instagram! View this post on Instagram . Baby’s First Latex Dress Today I got all lubed up and tried on latex for the very first time and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it??? Review on Oh Joy Sex Toy coming up soon, but in the meantime: this is the Sweetheart dress by @officialstockroom’s @syrenlatex Thank you thank you thank you to them for making and sending it to me!!! . . . This might look like a sponsored post but it’s not because none of my posts here have ever been and if they were I’d label them as such . . #latex #latexdress #syrenlatex #syren #stockroom #stockroomlatex #pinkhair #erikamoen A post shared by Erika Moen (@fuckyeaherikamoen) on Sep 9, 2018 at 10:32pm PDT
  • September 18, 2018

    Vegan Bedroom by Shelby Criswell

    Like a Trojan horse, Erika came back from last week’s XOXO convention with a COLD BUG and now we’re both full of it. Two broken humans incapable of making the latex comic we promised. Here’s a sneak peek to see what you’re missing out on! Thank God Shelby’s BACK and as badass as ever. They are here to show us how to keep the ol’ bedroom vegan! Truthfully, vegan sex toys are not something I EVER considered (granted, I’m not a vegan, but I do try my damned best to make sure whatever meat we do eat lived a good well-kept life), so I was happily surprised to get Shelby’s pitch and ultra excited when they delivered this incredible script. Fingers crossed they’ve got you excited too! Drop ’em a hello and tell them how amazeballs they are. Shelby Criswell Facebook Twitter Instagram Gumroad Patreon ALSO, Shelby wanted to drop a shout out: Special Thanks to: Kenton Johnson of Funkit Toys for his knowledge of the science of pigments and showing proof that his pigment supplier doesn’t test on animals, Adam Breedon of Godemiche for providing information on vegan silicone and cosmetic grade pigments, and Searah Deysach of Early to Bed for being an overall sex toy goddess. Wanna ADD toys to your collection, check out our STOREEEESSSSS… Check out our Friends (With Benefits) Stores USA UK EU AUS CAN Early to Bed Good Vibes Lovehoney Babeland PleasureChest SheBop Tantus Vibrant* Stockroom Fun Factory TwistedMonk Fleshlight Lovehoney also has a discount code for 15% off!Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout!PleasureChest has a 15% discount for you to use too! Add ‘OJST’ at checkout!Fun Factory have a discount for you too! 10% off with ‘OJST’ code!*All of Vibrant’s proceeds go to Planned Parenthood! AND...
  • There’s not much for me to add this week. It’s a fantastic comic, about a subject I know so little about, Ariel deserves your follows and messages of thanks. Fingers crossed she’ll come back and make us another comic in the future =D I personally love getting comics on kinks, but each time we get one it seems to be a bit contentious – so here’s a friendly reminder to not go yucking-another-persons-yum, we’re lucky to have a comic that explains something so deep, personal and potentially scary! Want to see her other comic she made for us? It was all about Aftercare, and was equally stunning <3 Ariel also asked that I drop you all a link to a project she's launching – an indie label for queer and often dirty comics by Italian artists, called Pink Ravioli. I think it’s going to be a neat place to spot new and interesting Italian comics talent, so come join me and give them a watch! Portfolio Ariels Twitter Pink Ravioli Twitter InstaGram Tumblr Ariel had a couple of resources for you to check out if this particualr kink intrests you too. I haven’t dived into these sites personally, but Im sure they are worth a peek or two! Ariel’s Resources ► A FAQ and links page to even more sometimes-NSFW-content from KinkyCasey ► Big little Podcast for more on ageplay specific stuff. FINALLY. Did you all see our new SPONSORS? Flipping heck Im so proud you guys, OMGYes and Magic Wand? Its the dream team, go read about it here! #comic { padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0; width: 768px; } @media (max-width: 768px) { #comic { max-width:728px; } .comicpane { width: 768px; overflow: hidden; margin-left: -40px; margin-right: -20px; } .comicpane img { margin-left: 20px; } }
  • September 4, 2018

    In-Clinic Abortion

    If you’d like some more OJST comics on the subjects of pregnancy, contraception, and abortion, you can find them here: Pregnancy, Medical Abortion, Emergency Contraception, IUD, The Pill, The Implant, Miscellaneous Contraceptives (Cervical Barriers, The Patch, The Shot, Spermicide, The Sponge, Vaginal Rings), Condoms, and Internal (“Female”) Condoms. We did the best we could to cover the essentials in in-clinic abortions, but of course there’s never enough room to include everything you need to know about a subject in our comics, so please do spend some time reading through the list of resources below to gather a much more comprehensive understanding! Resources Learn More About Abortion ► All About Abortion (Scarleteen) ► How do I get an in-clinic abortion? (Planned Parenthood) ► Surgical Abortion (First Trimester) (University of California San Francisco) ► About Abortion, including Abortion Facts, Patient Stories & more (National Abortion Federation) ► Abortion procedures – surgical (Better Health Channel) Talk to a Real Person ► All-Options: Pregnancy, Parenting, Abortion, Adoption ► (FOR TEENS) Text Scarleteen ► NAF Hotline Fund (National Abortion Federation) Where to Find an Abortion Clinic ► Abortion Services (Planned Parenthood) ► Find A Provider (National Abortion Federation) Debunking Abortion Myths and Misinformation ► Abortion Myths (National Abortion Federation) ► How to (Un)pack for a Real Discussion About Abortion “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” (How to Spot ‘Em!) ► How can I tell crisis pregnancy centers and real reproductive health centers apart? (Planned Parenthood) ► How to Tell a ‘Crisis Pregnancy Center’ from a Legitimate Abortion Clinic (LifeHacker) ► Fake Health Centers (NARAL Pro-Choice America) Remember, it’s always a good time to donate to Planned Parenthood!

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