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  • October 28, 2018

    12 Books for Veterans Day

    This post contains affiliate links. I grew up near a large naval base. Many of my friends had dads who served in the navy – dads who were “out to sea” at least half the year. I remember how excited they were when the deployment was nearing its end! I have a huge amount of respect for those who serve in the military and for the families that keep things running while their loved ones are away. (If you’re one of them, thank you! And if you’re looking for support, I highly recommend this blog. ) In America, we have a special holiday on November 11 to thank all military personnel who have served in past and present wars. It’s called Veterans Day. I encourage you to use the holiday as an opportunity to reach out to veterans in your community. Talk with your learners about the sacrifices veterans have made for our country.  Here are some books to help you do just that! ( For a printable list, just click here. ) Veterans Day, by Rebecca Rissman guided reading level: F This is a beautifully simple book about Veterans Day to read aloud to preschoolers or to have beginning readers read on their own. Veterans Day, by Mir Tamim Ansary approximate guided reading level: M This book goes tells the history of Veterans Day without getting bogged down in details. The format is very neat and easy to follow, making this a great book for young readers who are learning to read nonfiction. I like that it has a table of contents, glossary, and index. Veterans Day, by Rebecca Pettiford guided reading level: J This is a lovely, simple book – another great read aloud for preschoolers or a good book for beginning readers. If kids can read books like Henry...

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