• September 25, 2018

    Syren’s Sweetheart Latex Dress

    NOW is a GOOD time to sign up to Erika’s Patreon: We made a NSFW video of her putting on said, Latex Dress! This thing is amazing, we’re SO thankful to Stockroom and Syren Latex for giving us the opportunity to try out such a fancy dress. We absolutely loved it, and are now trying to think up new and different places to try it on and show it off. We both loved this particular cut: its beginner friendly and super cute. But Stockroom and Syren have a HUGE list of different cuts and options available, check it all out if your keen, and make sure to buy some Pjur silicone lube or conditioner at the same time! Buy it from Stockroom! Stockroom Stockroom ALSO has a 15% discount for you, just add ‘OHJOY’ at checkout! Wanna see how Erika looks in the dress? Check it out on Erikas Instagram! View this post on Instagram . Baby’s First Latex Dress Today I got all lubed up and tried on latex for the very first time and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it??? Review on Oh Joy Sex Toy coming up soon, but in the meantime: this is the Sweetheart dress by @officialstockroom’s @syrenlatex Thank you thank you thank you to them for making and sending it to me!!! . . . This might look like a sponsored post but it’s not because none of my posts here have ever been and if they were I’d label them as such . . #latex #latexdress #syrenlatex #syren #stockroom #stockroomlatex #pinkhair #erikamoen A post shared by Erika Moen (@fuckyeaherikamoen) on Sep 9, 2018 at 10:32pm PDT
  • There’s not much for me to add this week. It’s a fantastic comic, about a subject I know so little about, Ariel deserves your follows and messages of thanks. Fingers crossed she’ll come back and make us another comic in the future =D I personally love getting comics on kinks, but each time we get one it seems to be a bit contentious – so here’s a friendly reminder to not go yucking-another-persons-yum, we’re lucky to have a comic that explains something so deep, personal and potentially scary! Want to see her other comic she made for us? It was all about Aftercare, and was equally stunning <3 Ariel also asked that I drop you all a link to a project she's launching – an indie label for queer and often dirty comics by Italian artists, called Pink Ravioli. I think it’s going to be a neat place to spot new and interesting Italian comics talent, so come join me and give them a watch! Portfolio Ariels Twitter Pink Ravioli Twitter InstaGram Tumblr Ariel had a couple of resources for you to check out if this particualr kink intrests you too. I haven’t dived into these sites personally, but Im sure they are worth a peek or two! Ariel’s Resources ► A FAQ and links page to even more sometimes-NSFW-content from KinkyCasey ► Big little Podcast for more on ageplay specific stuff. FINALLY. Did you all see our new SPONSORS? Flipping heck Im so proud you guys, OMGYes and Magic Wand? Its the dream team, go read about it here! #comic { padding-left: 0; padding-right: 0; width: 768px; } @media (max-width: 768px) { #comic { max-width:728px; } .comicpane { width: 768px; overflow: hidden; margin-left: -40px; margin-right: -20px; } .comicpane img { margin-left: 20px; } }

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